Ratched Season 2- Release Date, Cast, and News

Ratched is a suspenseful psychological thriller that revolves around the merciless character of an asylum nurse, Mildred Ratched.

The character of Mildred Ratched has not appeared on the screen for the first time in Ratched, she was seen several times before in movies and books.

The central character of the Nurse Ratched was played once before by the actress Louise Fletcher in the film, ‘One Flew over Cuckoo’s Nest’. The film won Oscar for the exceptional portrayal of the character.

Though the character first appeared on the screen through the film, the tyrannical character was written by an American novelist Ken Kesey. Kesey, when graduated from college, started working as a night orderly in a hospital in California.

The cold, tyrannical, and monstrous character of nurse Ratched was inspired by the head nurse of Kesey’s ward. This whole idea of nurse Ratched being a real person just fuels the fears and adds to the spook.

The psychological horror-thriller starred Sarah Paulson as the menacing cold-blooded nurse. The show is presented as ‘The Origin Story’ and shows the gradual progression of Ratched from a common nurse to a full-fledged killer.

In 1942, Mildred arrives in Northern California to seek employment in a psychiatric hospital where the disturbing and cruel experiments on human minds have begun. Initially, Mildred behaves like a perfect, sweet, and caring nurse but as she begins to infiltrate the system, her true colors and a scary version come out to reflect the darkness spreading within.

Season 1 of Ratched gained a lot of attention when it was first aired on Netflix on 16 September, and received a magnitude of response from the audience. After the action-packed last episode of the first season, the viewers are longing to know whether they will be seeing more of the evil Nurse Ratched.

Ratched Season 2- Release Date

Cheers to the fact that season 2 of Ratched has already been guaranteed by Netflix but we still do not have the specific date of release. The creators Ryan Murphy and Evan Romansky have not yet said anything about the coming season.

Actress Cynthia Nixon said in an interview that she is just as curious about Ratched season 2 as everyone else is. For those of you who want more of the Nurse Ratched, luck is on your side because the show was initially given a two-season order.

Since the movie “One Flew Over Cuckoo’s Nest” was set in the period of 50s and Ratched is set in the timeline early forties, the fans have a lot of hope for further seasons as well. 

We all are suckers for good villain origin stories, especially after the immaculate success of movies such as ‘Joker’, ‘Hannibal’, and ‘Maleficent’. Ratched season 2 is likely to win the hearts of the audience with its punching story-line and of course, the character of Mildred Ratched.

Although we have no idea when season 2 will come out, all we can do is guess. According to the Netflix pattern, we expect to see Ratched again no sooner than late 2021. It’s a long wait for the fans but hey, totally worth it.

The cast of Ratched Season 2

Louise Fletcher was the first to play the role of Mildred Ratched and won the Academy Award for the best actress due to the incomparable portrayal of the character.

It wouldn’t be unfair to say that no one can play the role better than her, but we have a new Mildred Ratched in a face of none other than the most talented Sarah Paulson.

Sarah Paulson has already worked with co-producer of the show, Ryan Murphy, on hits like American Crime Story as well as American Horror Story.

The other same cast is also likely to return for the next season since the fans are so in love with all the crazy characters. Who doesn’t like to watch a bunch of psychopaths on a killing spree? – Only on the screens though.

In the previous season, we have seen Cynthia Nixon nailing the character of Gwendolyn Briggs, Judy Davis as Nurse Betsy Bucket, and Jon Jon Briones as Dr. Richard Hanover.

It is also possible to see new faces in the coming season, maybe as a plot twist or to add up the spice. But we are really looking forward to seeing each character grow and render more than we saw in the first season. In other words, we have been spoiled with the elusive content and just can’t get enough of it.

Latest News about Ratched Season 2

The story will certainly address the major cliffhanger in the next season. The last episode of the previous season was one over-whelming episode, with one thing after the other.

We saw in the last episode, Edmund escaping from a mental institution and narrowly avoiding the death penalty. Now Edmund is on a revenge mission with his newly put-together team of cronies; charlotte and Louise.

One a woman with multiple personality disorder, the other a mean motel clerk. With this dangerous trio, Edmund is on his way to Mexico. Edmund thinks that Mildred has betrayed him and is ready to disturb the placid dreams of Mildred and her lover Gwendolyn.

These murderous twists of events have left the audience on the edge of their seats. One thing cannot be denied, that it’s time Mildred and Gwendolyn pack their bags and turn the music down because Edmund is determined to get revenge on Mildred no matter what it takes.

We are not so worried about Mildred since she escaped in ‘One Flew over Cuckoo’s Nest’ but for Gwendolyn, we never know. The fans expect the same amount of action, suspense, and thrill as season one and there is no doubt that Ratched will fulfill the demand.

Though the series has been widely criticized for its slow pace and difference from the real movie, there are still plenty of devoted fans out there who have their fingers crossed for any news of season 2. In the meantime, we are also on the lookout for any news.

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