Truth Seekers Season 2 – Release Date, Cast & News

The first season of Truth Seekers released on October 30, 2020, on Prime Videos after the first two episodes were shown at the Cannes Festival at the start of October and the show got an average rating of 6.96 out of 10 after its release.

The season follows Gus Roberts who is later joined by Elton John and the two work for Smyle a broadband company while investigating paranormal activities on the side.

In attempts to solve paranormal mysteries, they stumble upon Doctor Peter Toynbee who has tried to use mind-controlling nanobots in the hopes of successfully attaining immortality.

On the other hand, Astrid, a woman who is haunted by ghosts asks Gus and Elton for help however the woman carries many secrets with her which are not all revealed in the first season. This gives fans hope to wait for Truth Seekers season 2.

The new season has not been announced yet by the Prime Videos and due to the Covid-19, the shooting will be delayed even if it is announced anytime soon and we can expect a season sometime at the end of 2021 or maybe even in 2022 depending on when the shooting ends and if the cast is even free for shoot or not.

Nick Frost (who played Gus Roberts) is said to be busy with his other projects such as the new series The Nevers and will be working on a horror-comedy movie “Set on a remote Swedish Island” and has also signed a contract for Why Women Kill season 2. That looks like a pretty occupied schedule!

Samson Kayo (who played Elton John) is busy with the new series that he created called Blood along with Julian Barratt (who plays Doctor Peter Toynbee).

Susan Wokoma (who played Helen, Elton’s sister) hopes to start with the shooting of Year of the Rabbit season 2 soon which was originally planned for April 2020 however as the pandemic changed plans for people around the world, the shooting of this show’s season 2 has also been delayed.

Although there is some good news for the fans! The actor has shown keenness to work on another season along with Samson Kayo (who played Elton John) who is also very willing to get a chance to work on another season.

Nick, in an interview with Digital Sky, said, “I’d love to see where it goes and I’d love to have the chance to eat more biscuits in the van with Samson.”

Why Do We Think There Will Be Truth Seekers Season 2?

For starters, the first season has left the fans intrigued about Astrid and all the secrets she has been hiding. The mysterious woman looked troubled when she jumped in front of Gus’ car to ask for help.

Gus and Elton later find that she was being chased by ghosts which explains why she looked stressed.

The fans are also excited for Gus and Elton to go on more paranormal adventures and solve more mysteries. The chemistry between both friends is what keeps the viewers hooked and ask for more.

Nick Frost has hinted towards the fact that they have plans for the second and even third season which gives hope to the loyal followers who have been patiently waiting for another season to be announced.

The fact that much time has not passed since the release of the first season, we sit in hopes for the second season to be announced soon.

However, the sad part is, even if the show is renewed for another season, the shooting will take time and there is a very high possibility of the show’s second season to be released in 2022! So far! We know and totally understand how difficult it is to wait for more than a year for your favorite show to release a new season. Been there! Done that!

Nick Frost has also indicated the fact that although they have many ideas for the new season however it depends on Amazon and the viewers whether the show will be renewed or not.

If you are a true fan and want more seasons, hurry up and tell your friends to watch the show because every view count and will be taken into consideration when deciding whether it is wise to renew the show.

There is still time until Amazon makes a final decision and until then we are hoping that more people watch the first season so that we can see the two best friends Gus and Elton back on screen investigating more paranormal activities.

We are also very keen to find out what things Astrid has been hiding and it will surely be an exhilarating journey watching the events and secrets unfold as the show moves forward.

What to Expect in the Season 2 of Truth Seekers?

If the show is renewed for another season, which we are hoping it would be, Gus and Elton will uncover more paranormal mysteries and solve them while they film them on the side.

Yes! They film their experiences! Isn’t that what all of us wanted to do when we were young? Go on thrilling adventures and film what we come across?

Besides the best buds adventures we’d like to see how the trio will bring back Astrid as the end of the last episode of the first season, we hear Astrid try to reach someone to let them know she’s still in there is a picture in David’s office and wants to get out.

Dave and Jojo74’s conversation in the last scene of the last episode of the first season hits a little towards the fact that Dave might be hiding something which we may find out if the show is renewed for another season. However, until then we must sit tight and wait patiently as Amazon makes its final decision regarding what will be the future of Truth Seekers.

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