Will there be a Season 2 of Behind Her Eyes?

Behind Her Eyes, was the limited series that came out on Netflix on 17th February and since then has incited confusion around the fans through its bizarre ending. The series was an adaptation of Sarah Pinborough’s Novel of the same name and it has closely followed the novel from start to finish.

With a cliffhanger ending and no story left from the novel to expand, will there be a Season 2 of Behind Her Eyes?

What Happened in Season 1? (Spoilers Ahead)

Season 1 took off when Louise (Simona Brown), a single mom, shares an accidental drunken kiss with Dr. David Ferguson (Tom Bateman) who later turns out to be her boss. They decide to keep things platonic and, in the meanwhile, Louise befriends Adele (Eve Hewson), David’s wife.

As the affair between the two gets further, Louise learns some secrets regarding Adele. She learns that Adele is being functioned by Rob, a childhood friend of Adele, who switched bodies with Adele when they were young and killed himself when Adele was in it. By the end of the season, Louise develops the ability herself and Rob switches body with her. Cliffhanger.

News About Season 2

Netflix launched the series as a six-episode ‘limited’ series which means that they initially didn’t have any plan to continue with the series. As of yet, there hasn’t been any news from Netflix about the series renewal.

Keeping in mind the drastic ending that the viewers were left with, there are many unanswered questions that the viewers are demanding. Also, the series rose to No. 2 on Netflix’s Top U.S. Streaming Chart. Looking at all these possibilities, Netflix mind expands its limited series criteria and gives a go-ahead for Season 2 of Behind Her Eyes.

Plot of Season 2

The Author of the adaptation novel, Sarah Pinborough, has not written a second part of the first novel nor does the author has given any signal of writing it. Hence, there isn’t any structured plot for the second season that we can discuss further.

What the fans will see in Season 2 will be a completely new material that will continue the plot of David, Rob, and Louise. Uncovering the mystery surrounding Rob, David found out that Rob is inside Louise and some more insight into antipsychotics.

The Cast of Season 2

There hasn’t been news of whether the cast will be returning or not. We can, for now, assume that Eve Hewson won’t be returning since (SPOILER) her physical body died last season. She can only reprise her role unless the creator plan to go ahead with flashback scenes.

She comes back as a ghost haunting David and Louise or some other way. Season 1 used a lot of flashbacks so apart from David, Louise, Rob and Adam we can hope to see Adele as well. We can’t say whether there will be a Season 2 or not because the creators don’t have material to rely on. If there will be then it will be a completely new step for the series.

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