How Tall is Levi Ackerman from ‘Attack on Titan’?

Attack on Titan is a Japanese post-apocalyptic anime series from 2015 that gained immense popularity due to its remarkable storyline and characters.

Levi Ackermann is the leader of the Special Operations Squad in Attack on Titan. Formally known as Captain Levi, he is regarded as “the strongest soldier in the world”.

With black hair and dull eyes coupled with a youthful face, Levi Ackermann can be regarded as somewhat handsome. He is not exceptionally tall, in fact, many people would describe him as short, but the truth is that Levi has quite a powerful physique.

His body is packed with muscle. Surely, you don’t become the strongest soldier without developing a ton of muscle on the way. Being the captain, Levi is usually seen in his Survey Cops uniform, sporting a grey button-up and a white ascot.

Levi is certainly a neat freak and strives hard to ensure that everything around him is immaculately clean. As you can probably guess, this is quite a difficult task considering that he is a soldier.

How Tall is Levi Ackermann?

Considering all the characteristics of Levi Ackermann, you must have imagined him as a tall, lean man. But you couldn’t be more wrong. Despite being an unmatched soldier and a powerful man, Levi is only about 5 ft and 2 inches (1.57 m) tall.

In fact, according to google, the snowman Olaf from Frozen is around 5 ft 4 inches. This means that the beloved snowman would tower the expressionless captain Levi over two inches…

Why isn’t Levi Ackermann Tall?

Levi was severely malnourished when he was young. That, coupled with his mother being sick and the complete lack of sunlight can explain a lot about his short height.

Levi lived in an underground city, where there was no sunlight. As sunlight converts a natural chemical in our skin to vitamin D, it would not be surprising that Levi Ackermann severely lacked vitamin D. This might have hindered his growth and interfered with the development of his bones.

In addition to this, Levi Ackermann also suffers from insomnia. He considers sleep as a non event, and doesn’t bother much about the 8 hours of sleep rule. And as we all know, the growth hormone needs adequate sleep to take full effect. Therefore, Levi Ackermann is quite short, specifically 5 ft and 2 inches (1.57 m). 

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