How Tall is Elsa (Frozen)? Here is the Answer

It’s been more than seven years since Frozen was first released but we still can’t stop crushing over Elsa. And with her voluminous braids and smoky eyes, she doesn’t make it any easier for us. 

Elsa is the leading character of the animated movie Frozen and her transformations throughout the movie have had the fans gushing. And we are not just talking about her appearance.

The Princess and heiress of Arendelle have the magical ability to manipulate ice. She goes a long way from being the scared child that is terrified of her own ability to being the confident queen of her kingdom.

Her complex characterization is the most prominent theme of the movie. Oh, and let’s not forget her iconic song. “Let it Go” still continues to reverberate from every atom of our being if the song is ever played.

The song was among the most successful tracks from animated movies of all time. And why shouldn’t it be? With meaningful lyrics and a melodious delivery, Elsa forever has our heart. 

Initial Confusion Over Elsa’s Height

Initially, there was a lot of confusion over Elsa’s height. As Olaf’s height was mentioned as 5 feet 4 inches on the Frozen wiki page, a simple estimation would suggest that Elsa was about 11 feet (3.35 meters) tall.

And not only Elsa, if Olaf’s height was believed to be correct, but that would also make all the people from the Kingdom of Arendelle giants. And that’s a little unsettling if we are being honest.

Elsa gets to have superpowers, be a queen of the entire kingdom, and gets to be 11 feet tall on top of that? This seems very, very unfair to us regular, nonfictional, nonmagical, nonroyal people. 

How Tall Really is Elsa? 

But lucky for us, the height ordeal turned out to be a mistake. Elsa’s height is mentioned on the Frozen wiki page as 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters). This sounds quite appropriate for our beloved, yet complex snow queen.

As a matter of fact, the height confusion caused a vehement uproar among the fans. It got to the point where the frenzied director and co-writer of Frozen had to intervene.

The director Jennifer Lee then released a statement on Twitter clarifying that the height inconsistency was indeed a typo. She further clarified to the fans that Elsa’s height is 5 feet 7 inches. 

So, all in all, that matter was cleared up once and for all after Jennifer Lee’s statement. But as glad as we are to clear that misunderstanding, we need to put it out there that Elsa will forever be our favorite snow queen.

No matter how tall or short she is. Her complex character has so many layers that it is difficult to analyze them all. But what we can do is appreciate how real she is.

This Disney princess shows qualities that normal people exhibit, she isn’t a lovesick teenager, she feels stressed, she makes mistakes but ultimately, she does manage to save the day. And indeed, this is what makes her a true queen! 

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