How tall is Olaf (Frozen)? Here is the Full Story

Who can forget the adorable snowman from Frozen?

Olaf was certainly a highlight of the entire movie and he added a certain depth to the movie. The carefree snowman was brought to life by magic after he was created by Elsa and Anna in their childhood. Subsequently, he loves both of them.

Olaf shares a close bond with the sisters and could be labeled as their somewhat comedic sidekick. He helps save Anna’s life in the first part of Frozen (well, he did try but the poor guy was melting) and in the second part his remark about water turns out to be an integral key in finding the mystery.

Now, we have tried our best to keep the article spoiler-free, but if you come across any, know that we are deeply apologetic. 

“Some people are worth melting for” this quote still gives us goosebumps and gives a warm glow in the chest. Maybe it is love. It has to be. He is just too cute to resist. 

How tall is Olaf?

Anyway, if you are curious about how tall Olaf is, the answer is *drumroll* 5 foot 4 inches. 

Yep, you read that right. The adorable Olaf isn’t as tiny as you would think. In fact, he taller than an average woman in most countries (including the UK). This height is mentioned on Google on the wiki page of Frozen. 

Although it has been mentioned on Google, this does seem a little confusing. Because if Olaf is 5 feet 4 inches, that would make Elsa about 11 feet. And we don’t have to be a mathematician to realize that this isn’t right.

I mean in a world where a 6 feet guy seems like a remarkable catch, an 11 feet woman seems highly unlikely. But maybe it shouldn’t be so difficult to believe because the person under question is an animated snowman from a movie. 

Is Google’s Information correct?

Well, the fan reaction to Olaf’s height was so frenzied, that the matter got out of control. To calm down the fan mob, the director of Frozen Jennifer Lee stepped in and explained that the height mentioned on Frozen’s Wiki page was probably a typo, which was our first guess too.

Since Elsa and Anna’s height in the Frozen Wiki is pretty believable, this seems like an odd inconsistency. 

If the Wiki Page is Not Correct – How Tall Really is Olaf? 

The Frozen director further clarified that Elsa’s height is 5 foot seven inches. And by some intelligent use of mathematics, we can conclude that Olaf is about 2 foot 6 inches or so. But definitely less than 5 feet! 

Well, that’s a relief since the idea of a giant snowman and giant snow queen does seem a little unsetting to be honest. But thankfully, we now know that our favorite snowman is just the right height to adorably cute. 

Oh, and we can’t wait to see Olaf in his own short premiering Coco, Olaf’s Frozen Adventures

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