Emily in Paris Season 2 – Release Date, Cast, and News

The comparatively new show, Emily in Paris has gained a considerable amount of audience since its first episode dropped on Netflix on October 2, 2020. In the present world taken over by the global coronavirus pandemic, the show made it easy to take a break from the depressing reality. In Emily’s world, every problem is nothing but the next big adventure.

Cliché for some, romantic for others, Emily in Paris tells the story of a young marketing executive who has been sent to Paris as a replacement. Her unfamiliarity with the French culture has earned her the label of an ignorant American. New at adulating, Emily juggles her career, friendships, and love life in the new city.

The only question is; does she have what takes? The answer to this question is expected to come with the next season of the show. All in all, people can’t wait to lose themselves in the chaotic world of Emily all over again.

Emily in Paris Season 2 Release Date

Though the fans have been waiting dearly for the news of season 2 of Emily in Paris since the twisted ending of the first season, Netflix has not yet confirmed the renewal of the second season and this might be because Emily in Paris is not an original Netflix series. The show was initially developed for the TV-Land and eventually shifted to Paramount. Right now, MTV studio is credited as the producer of the show.

The creator of the show, Darren Star, said in his interview that he has immaculate plans for the script of Emily in Paris season 2, but did not confirm the renewal of the season. The cast and the leading actress Lilly Collins starred as Emily Cooper, said that they are ready and steady to start shooting for the next season as soon as they get the green-light.

Keeping in mind, that there is no Emily in Paris without Paris, hence the show is to be shot in Paris, no matter what. The worldwide traveling restrictions due to the pandemic have proved to be a major obstacle in the shooting of the new season. We expect the next season to air in October 2021 if the production and shooting start within the coming months.

For now, we do not have a specific date of release but we expect the release-date of Emily in Paris season 2 to come out any time soon.

What Will Be the Cast of Emily in Paris Season 2?

Since the new show will follow the continuity of the previous story, we hope to see the familiar faces of the former cast. We are so used to seeing Lilly Collins as Emily Cooper that it’s quite impossible to see someone else playing the beloved character, and let’s not deny the fact that the actress played the part exceptionally well. In the first season, Ashley Park played the role of Mindy, and people just loved her as well!

And when we are on the topic of the cast of the show, let’s not forget Lucas Bravo. He and Lilly Collins together, made the perfect couple ever. The whole cast of the show was simply a visual treat for all of us and hopefully, will remain in season 2. 

Though these characters are most likely to return to the screen, there is a rumor that we might be seeing some new faces on the show. The new season will bring a totally different theme which also includes the entry of a few new characters to raise the spice level. Camille Razat and William Abadie (Antoine) are also likely to return to the show because of all the drama that went down in the last episode of season 1.

With Antoine deciding to finance Gabriel’s restaurant and Camille discovering the new strings between her two friends, it is not difficult to tell that the show will not let go of these two characters. Apart from this, we are looking forward to seeing the drama and the intensity of the new season. Other than that, if the show brings new characters, we are more than happy to welcome them, the more the merrier!

What’s New?

With the success of Emily in Paris season 1, people have been very keen to know more about the plot. There are numerous questions and their answers circulating on the internet about what happened after Emily and Gabriel slept together in the last episode.

We don’t know anything for sure but everybody has their guesses, right? We guess that Antoine has a ‘ secret ’ motive for helping Gabriel. In the last episode, we saw the tension finally breaking up between Emily and Gabriel, at the same time, Emily made plans with Mathieu.

Now, it’s all about Emily’s choice. Whether she decides to choose Mathieu or Gabriel, one thing is certain that we will see a much more matured and stable Emily in the coming season. All through the previous season, we saw her struggling in every aspect of her life but now that she is the one to call the shots, we will see a definitive distinction in terms of her character.

Apart from that, while the previous season concentrated on the cultural differences Emily faced in Paris, season 2 of Emily in Paris might focus more on Emily’s personality-development and choices. That means Emily’s choices will affect the entire story-line of the next season.

Since we know Emily so well, there are numerous possibilities for how Emily will try to handle the mess of unpredictable events that occurred in the last episode. Emily will either try to conceal her relationship with Gabriel or will end up breaking ties with him.

What she will actually do remains to be seen and judged by us. In the meantime, we will kill time discussing the future plots and probable theories, and have both fingers crossed for the news of the renewal of the season. 

In the end, Emily’s life is an unlikely fantasy that allows the audience to escape from the troubles of the real world. That makes Emily in Paris a big hit in an unbelievably short amount of time.

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