Will There Be a Season 5 of Fargo?

Fargo is an American crime show with dark humor, drama, and anthology all mixed to come up with a masterpiece that is hugely inspired by the 1996 movie of the same name by the Coen brothers.

Fargo is written by Noah Hawley, however, when the Coen brothers were shown the script, they were extremely amazed by the script and agreed to be the executive producers of the show. 

The show has 4 seasons as yet and each is set in a different era with different locations, characters, and stories. The 4th season came out in September after being delayed due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Once season 4 was out and its last episode release is approaching, fans are wondering whether there will be a 5th season of the show. 

The show is greatly appreciated and loved by the fans who wait for the new season with exhilaration every time a season ends. This time is no different and fans are impatient to find out if the show will be renewed or not.

News About the 5th Season of Fargo

There has been no official news regarding whether the show will come back for another season or not however the fact that it has high ratings and the viewers are obsessed with the storylines that the writer brings to them, there is a possibility that season 5 will soon be made official. 

On the other hand, season 4’s last episode will air on the 29th of November 26, 2020, marking the end of the season. After this, we can hope to hear about a new season in the making soon.

The fact that all the episodes of season 4 have not been released yet is a relief considering there is still time for the creators of the show to make their decision and let the world know what the future of the show will be. 

Moreover, the show has had fantastic plots throughout 4 seasons and has been popular amongst the viewers which could be an encouragement for the writer to produce more scripts and bring more twists to our screens.

So far, Hawley has not disappointed fans with his unique storytelling and the ability to keep the viewer glued to their seat and eyes focused on the screen to make sure that they do not miss anything.

Fargo has one of those nail-biting synopsis which gives the fans the adrenaline rush and constant need to know what will happen next. He told Deadline, “I’m certainly not ruling it out.”

“It’s not just one idea you need, it’s a hundred ideas and characters,” and said “so that tends to percolate.” He also said “I have a novel, I’m trying to finish, it’s not my goal to race back into production.”

The Cast of Fargo Over the Seasons

Fargo is one of those shows that have a different cast every season therefore there is no definitive answer as to who will be the part of a certain season until its release. The same is the case with season 5 that even if the show gets renewed for another season, the anticipators will not be aware of who has made it to the cast list this time around. 

The 1st season had Billy Bob Thornton who played the role of Lorne Malvo, a hitman, Allison Tolman who played the role of Deputy Molly Solverson, a police deputy, Colin Hanks who played the role of Officer Gus Grimly, another officer, Martin Freeman who played the role of Lester Nygaard, a life insurance salesman. The first season is set in 2006 and had 10 episodes and the story developed as the season progressed. 

The 2nd season had Kirsten Dunst who played Peggy Blumquist, a hairdresser, Patrick Wilson in the role of Lou Solverson, a Minnesota State Patrol trooper and the father of Molly Solverson, one of the main characters of season one, Jesse Plemons played Ed Blumquist, Peggy’s husband and the local butcher’s assistant, Jean Smart played the role of Floyd Gerhardt, wife of Otto Gerhardt, the head of Fargo’s most prominent organized crime syndicate, Ted Danson who portrayed Hank Larsson, the sheriff of Rock County. This season was set in 1979 and also had 10 episodes.

The 3rd season had Ewan McGregor played 2 roles, one of Emmit Stussy and the other of Raymond “Ray” Stussy, two twin brothers out of which Emmit is a rich man while Ray is a parole officer, Carrie Coon portrayed Gloria Burgle, a police officer, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Nikki Swango, Goran Bogdan as Yuri Gurka, David Thewlis as V. M. Varga. This season was set in 2010 and also like the other two seasons had 10 episodes. 

The 4th and the most recent season has a long list of the cast than the first three seasons had. It is set in 1934 and had 11 episodes, unlike the other three seasons that had 10 episodes each. This season was originally supposed to air in April 2020 however this was postponed due to Covid-19. 

What to expect now?

The show creators, even if it gets renewed for the 5th season, will not be able to film any episodes until the threat of the infamous virus has significantly decreased and it is safe for people to be around each other without the fear of being tested positive for Covid-19.

If the news of renewal comes by December, the filming will, most probably, begin by the mid of 2021 provided that the country is no longer under a lockdown.

The release, on the other hand, could easily be said to take place in the year 2022 or even 2023 depending on when shooting begins and ends and when the team will be able to edit it and it is finally ready for launch.

Meanwhile, you can binge-watch other shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine which has 7 seasons and many episodes in each season. The show has a similar genre to Fargo as it is also a crime comedy with interesting characters and brilliant actors.

The show does not have a specific plot as the team of investigators have a new case in almost every episode however it is fun and exciting to watch their antics at their workplace and things that go on in their personal lives.

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