Will There Be a Season 2 of The Queen’s Gambit?

The Covid-19 pandemic has given us quite a few problems, but lack of good entertainment options is definitely not on the list. Netflix hasn’t come any slow when it came to new series and movies. For all of us drama lovers, The Queen’s Gambit has been among the favorites.

The Netflix series follows the life of an orphan girl on her quest to become the world’s best chess player. Although it was just released in October 2020, the series has garnered a lot of attention and praise. 

Due to its length, it is considered a mini-series as it contained just 7 episodes of roughly 40 minutes each. For all us binge-watchers that’s not even a challenge, right? Anyone with a solid determination could finish the series in just one day flat. Which we did. And now we are stuck waiting for the next season…

But, don’t despair! We are going to give you all the details about the renewal of the series. So, fans of The Queen’s Gambit, buckle up for all the inside info!

The Queen’s Gambit Season 2 – Current status

Currently, The Queen’s Gambit is among the top new series on Netflix. The show reached number one in America on 28th October 2020. Just 5 days after its release on Netflix! So, rating wise, it’s safe to say that the show is going well. 

So, theoretically speaking, Netflix usually renews series that is met with such enthusiasm. In fact, it is quite eager to do so. However, it still takes Netflix some weeks to decide about the overall performance, logistics, rating, blah blah, technical stuff.

The point is, renewal of a series is not a spontaneous decision. So, even if there will be a season 2 of The Queen’s Gambit, the producers will take some time to decide and announce that.

What are the odds of a new season coming?

Well, theoretically speaking, The Queen’s Gambit is a promising show to renew for a second season. However, the attitude of the executive Producer hint that this might not be so likely. 

“We’ve had a lot of fun talking about what happens tomorrow,” executive producer William Horberg said. “The last scene feels like a beautiful note to end the show on, so I’m not sure if we want to go on and answer that question. Maybe we can just let the audience imagine what comes next.” remarked the producer in an interview according to esquire.com.

The fact that the series was billed as limited series doesn’t help either. The show was meant and executed to be a one-time mini-series. Thus, the attitude of the producers and the creative team doesn’t seem all that welcoming to the idea of a new season. In fact, their attitudes hint that the series has positively concluded on the right note.

Should we lose all hope for a second season of The Queen’s Gambit?

Before you pout and complain about the unfairness of the universe, hear us out!

Although the renewal of the mini-series for a second season seems unlikely at this point, it is not impossible. There are hundreds of shows that have come back from the brink of death time and time again.

Besides, if Keeping Up with the Kardashians can complete fourteen years on TV, there is absolutely no reason for us to lose hope. No shade on Keeping up with the Kardashians, just by the way. 

Even the leading cast is all on board with the idea of a second season, which is a tremendous relief for all hardcore fans of The Queen’s Gambit. The leading actress Taylor Joy has repeatedly said “I adore the character, and I would certainly come back if I was asked to,”

However, she continued with “but I do think we leave Beth in a good place.”

It is true though, the series concluded on a good note and the ending was quite remarkable, whether we like to admit or not.

But, as we have mentioned before, it has been like three weeks since the series was released. So, we have to be a little patient and, in the meantime, keep loyally supporting The Queen’s Gambit. And who knows, the producers might still change their minds about a second season after all. 

What can we expect from season 2 of The Queen’s Gambit?

If the creative team decides to renew the show for a second season, it may well take up a year or two at the very least. As the first series covers the entire book that was originally written, a second series would need brand new material. And as we all know that Trevis passed away in 1984.

So, even if the team were to write new material based on the book, they would need to seek permission from Trevis’ state. That would just make the entire process awfully long, not to mention tedious. The writer would first write the script, edit it, and then long after will come the shooting part.

And with Covid-19 on the horizon, the situation is more unpredictable than ever. The shooting process of enforcing the SOPs amid the lockdowns can’t be an easy task. 

However, if The Queen’s Gambit manages to defeat the odds and gets renewed for season 2, we have a good sense of what it will be about. As we know, season one ended with Beth finally addressing her addiction and defeating her arch-rival.

So, season 2 will likely revolve around Beth coming to terms with her past. Also, there would be a greater emphasis on the romantic subplot. As Beth would finally unravel the imprint of her past, her romantic relationship would get better.

We also expect that we would be watching Harry Beltik (Harry Melling) and Benny Watts (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) competing for Beth if a second season comes out. 

All in all, we’ve had a remarkably good time watching this series and even if it isn’t renewed for season 2, we are still glad that it blessed our screens. After all, All good things must come to an end!

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