House of the Dragon (Game of Thrones Prequel) – Release Date, Cast & News

Game of Thrones, a very famous fantasy series that came out in 2011, released 8 seasons, and ended in 2019 with the 8th season. The show’s ending made a lot of fans sad considering fans wanted to see more of the characters and an interesting plot.

House of Dragons is an upcoming spin-off of Game of Thrones and the adaption of Fire and Blood, a book in the series called A Song of Ice and Fire that is written by George R. R. Martin. The show was announced in October 2019 by its home channel HBO. 

According to Casey Bloys, the boss of HBO, it is her top priority to ensure that House of Dragons is on our screen as soon as it is ready to be premiered. The fans have been waiting eagerly for the release of the show since Game of Thrones ended in 2019. The series of books written by Martin has engrossing storylines that keep the fans hooked to their seats to know what happens next. 

In late July of this year, the first rounds of casting were started. But for the complicated show as “House of Dragons” still leaves a lot of processes including editing, visual effects and filming. The visual effects will take a huge amount of time, as this show is a Targaryen-focused show and it must include dragons. 

Casey Bloys, the HBO President of Programming told Deadline, “My guess is sometime in 2022,” he said, “Obviously it’s a big, complicated show.”

The show has been planned to release in the year 2022. The Covid-19 crisis is most likely what caused the creators to push back the launch to 2022. This show has been in process since 2016 when the writer pitched the idea to HBO. It has gone through several changes over the period of time but was finally announced at the end of 2019. 

House of the Dragon – What Will the Story be About?

This show, although is releasing after Game of Thrones is set centuries back from it and will show how the House Targaryen came into power and the wars that took place in their time. It will most probably have references from Game of Thrones and the fans will get to see the history of not just House Targaryen but also other houses. 

The books have a lot of materials so if the first season receives a good response, fans can look forward to many fantastic seasons in the future as there is a lot of content to film many seasons. The creators of the show are excited for the viewers to see the show. If it were not for the Covid-19, they would be able to release the show sooner. 

Who Will Be Part of the Cast of House of the Dragon?

It has been in the news that Paddy Considine has been cast for the role of King Viserys I from the House Targaryen. He is described as a kind and humble man who wishes to carry his ancestor’s legacy however when the show will get to our screen, only then we will be able to find whether he will succeed as a king or not. 

No other cast members have been revealed yet however some sources believe that Travis Fimmel might be cast as Prince Daemon Targaryen, the king’s brother however no official announcement has been made by the creators of the show or cast members.

Since the news of House of Dragons came out, fans have wanted to know whether Emilia Clarke will be part of the cast however we do not know for sure if that will be the case. It is less likely as the show is set 3 centuries back from the time of Game of Thrones so we cannot say for sure if she will be part of the cast too. 

Is House of the Dragon Expected to Go Beyond the First Season?

When a new show comes to screens and the first season ends, the fans wait in anticipation to know whether they will get to see another season with more content. House of Dragons is part of the series of which Game of Thrones was so that gives us reason to believe that the response of viewers will be as per expectations; mostly positive response.

Furthermore, there is a lot of content and material in the book for the creators to launch several seasons without having to worry about manufacturing a gripping script for the fans to stay excited to see what will happen next. 

One can say that Game of Thrones already created a fan base even for House of Dragons with its unique content that kept the viewers at the edge of their seats the whole time which is why we hope that the fans will watch this show too which will ultimately lead to creators coming with more seasons in the future.

What to Watch Until the Release of House of the Dragon Season 1?

The show is expected to come to our screens in 2022, an exact date is yet to be announced, hopefully when the trailer is launched. Until then, especially considering the pandemic situation, many people are looking to watch something exciting.

Here are a few shows that you might like to check out due to the thrilling storylines.

The Witcher is a show based on a fictitious world that is similar to the likes of Game of Thrones. The characters include Witchers who are genetically transformed human beings who fight against monsters to keep their people safe.

The story keeps the viewers hooked to the screen biting their nails the whole time to find out what will happen next. Fans of Game of Thrones will enjoy the drama, the chemistry between characters.

However, it only has one season and another season is in the making however we are not sure when the new season will be released due to the pandemic situation.

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