Deku (Izuku Midoriya): Anime Protagonist


July 15, 2000, A birthday he shares with Ichigo


4 years old (Opening)

14 years old (In Chapter 1-2)

15 years old (In Chapter 3 and till Provisional Hero License Exam Arc)

20 years old (Present age)

Deku the protagonist of My Hero Academia, Deku is the lovable crybaby we follow. He trains himself desperately and works towards his dream of becoming the greatest hero. We get to watch his journey from quark less and hopeless crybaby to the strongest hero.

And that’s really what we love about this show, its underlying optimism, its view that anyone can make their dreams come true. If they are willing to work tirelessly and put their blood sweat and tears into it. If a quarkless wimp can become the greatest hero, anyone can carve his desires out of devotion and consistency.

Description of Deku’s Character

Years of being looked down on by Katsuki for missing a Quirk, he is primarily depicted as non-expressive, unconfident, weepy, and weak. These qualities are exclusively present around Katsuki, who also continually ranted him for his ambitions to become a hero.

Izuku progressively mellows into a more self-assured and braver person who’s always keen to verify his value as a hero. However, later being putative into U.A., fronting Katsuki in the Battle Trial Arc, and making new buddies. Finally developing stout management skills, which is shared with his passion and tactical aptitude. It carved him into a dominant character in Class 1-A alongside Katsuki.

What Does the Name DEKU Mean?

The word Deku refers to a class of dolls but formerly Deku signified a category of simple wooden doll or marionette. Later it came to be used as an offense meaning “impractical person” or “useless person.” Currently, it’s also a locus to a common race in Legend of Zelda games.

As well as the main charisma in the hit anime series, My Hero Academia. Essentially, the name was the portrayal of Izuku’s feeble character in the beginning but he became the hero of the series.

Deku’s Skills

From the beginning, Deku was shown as weak and frail in his life. But he became the hero just because of consistency and his commitment  Izuku’s(Deku) greatest benefit before getting his Chance was his gigantic acquaintance of essential hero skills and strategies.

Izuku considered Pro Heroes for years and can put on that knowledge during predicaments in a genuine manner. His valor and yearning to become a hero were also imperative aspects in giving him the mindset to protect others.

Before acquisition his Quirk from All Might, he took on the Muck Villain and saved Katsuki because of his brashness and application of heroic skills. It was something that profoundly enthralled the No. 1 Hero who was Katsuki before Izuku.

How Tall is Deku (Izuku Midoriya)?

Deku seems short for the superhero category as he is 166cm or 5’ 5’’ tall.  But to put things in perspective such as Levi’s the strongest and coolest soldier from Attack on Titans is only 5 foot and 3 inches. So that’s certainly not going to hold Deku back. Since that Deku is still young he’s probably still got a fair growing. He may get taller in the imminent series.

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