Will There be a Season 5 of Black Clover?

Black Clover, an adventure fantasy Japanese series, brings the viewers to a fictional world where Asta, an orphan, born without magical power which is unusual in the world he lives in. Asta trains to gain magical powers and along with fellow mages from the Black Bulls aspires to become the Next King Wizard.

The anime is an adaptation of manga series of the same title by Yuki Tabata. With such an enticing animation and binge-watching plot, Black Clover easily lands itself among Big 3 anime alongside Naruto’s Sequel, Boruto: The Next Generation, and One Piece.

Black Clover is currently airing its fourth season with the last episode of the season to come out on 30th March 2021. The anime creators have filled the series with filler arcs to avoid catching up with the manga. Fans still ask will there be a Season 5 of Black Clover.

Black Clover stood out amongst hundreds of anime not because it had a striking storyline but because it developed a reputation for delivering episodes on time. Unlike other popular anime where seasons were released after years, Black Clover never left its fans waiting and delivered episodes without affecting the quality of animation.

News Regarding Black Clover Season 5

Season 4 of Black Clover has been breaking the chart. It has shown the best arc of Black Clover up till now. The creators hooked up the fans with the season but they broke their heart on Twitter.

On 2nd February 2021, the anime’s official Twitter handle announced that Black Clover would end by the 170th Episode. The tweet showed the direct intentions of the creators that they don’t want to continue with the series.

Why Canceling Black Clover was on the Table?

Black Clover has been following the manga storyline lately and has come close to it. Further seasons would mean that filler arcs must be added until it is suitable for the creators to add manga material.

Black Clover is already considered amongst Big 3 thus adding filler arcs might displease fans.

Therefore, it can be a good decision to stop the anime by Season 4. Although it will be a cliffhanger ending it will keep the fans waiting for another season.

The Plot of Black Clover Season 5

The anime will end in the 170th Episode with a probable cliffhanger ending. There will be many unanswered questions and plot areas. So we can expect that the plot will continue from where Season 4 will end. It also depends upon what manga creators have published.

What’s Next?

Yuki Tabata’s manga that publishes in Weekly Shonen Jump and the popularity of the series motivates the writer to keep writing the series. He believes that he has a lot to tell in the Black Clover universe so the manga’s end is not near for now. As fans, we can hope that the writer continues with the story so that anime creators can soon start the production of the fifth season.

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