Son Goku: Age, Height, Name Meaning & Things to Know

Son Goku (in Manga) or Goku (in anime) has been our most beloved animated fictional characters. We have enjoyed him since his debut in the Dragon Ball series in 1986 (in Japan) and in 1995 (in America).

Son Goku, the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball Universe, has been the most influential character to appear in the anime world. He is the superhero of kids and the inspiration of ‘Never Give Up’ for adults.

Son Goku is known for his martial arts skills and abilities to power up and go beyond his current power status. He is a friendly guy who loves to goof around. However, on the battlefield, there is no one like him.

Since his childhood, he has taken up on enemies more powerful than him and he has successfully won over them. Let us read further to find out about the age, height, name meaning, and other interesting stuff of our favorite childhood hero.

Son Goku’s Age and Height:

To tell about Son Goku’s exact age would be contradictory because of these facts:

  1. Son Goku belongs to the Saiyan Race; the race has a lifespan similar to the humans, but, their aging process slows down as they reach adulthood. They grow with minimal amounts every few years.  
  2. Son Goku has died and then revived several times in the Dragon Ball Universe. In Addition to that, he has been more than once in the Time Chamber for training.
  3. He was born in Age 736 in Manga and Age 737 in Anime.

So what exactly is Son Goku’s age? After doing all the calculations and involving his death and Time Chamber training, he currently is 48 but looks like 44 by the end of Dragon Ball Z.

Son Goku’s current height is 175 cm (5’9’’).

Son Goku’s Name Meaning

Being the main protagonist of the series, his creation has gone through a lot of brainstorming phases. The creator, Toriyama, based the name Son Goku upon the mythic Mandarin Chinese Figure “Sun Wuyong” (Money King) who is popularly known to have appeared in the Chinese Novel ‘Journey to the West. ’

Sun Wuyong loosely translates to Son Goku in Japanese Kenji. Sun, a Chinese surname, means ‘grandchild’, and Wuyong, a Buddhist name, means ‘awakened to emptiness’. So, Son Goku loosely means ‘a grandchild awakened to emptiness’.

That isn’t really of consideration since his adoptive grandfather named him Son Goku because he looked like a Money Kid as he had a tail attached to him in childhood. He has another name, a Saiyan name, Kakarot; it is just a pun on the carrot.

Interesting Facts About Son Goku

  • Son Goku and Superman share the same origin story.
  • Son Goku has never killed his enemies except for Yakon and Kid Buu.
  • Son Goku, his father, and his kids have a surprisingly same resemblance.
  • Son Goku, his father, and his kids are all voiced by the same artist, Masako Nozawa.
  • Son Goku was chosen as a mascot for the Olympic Games 2020.
  • May 9th is officially recognized as “ Goku Day ” in Japan.
  • Son Goku named his first child after his adoptive guardian, Grandpa Gohan.
  • Son Goku, unlike any other Saiyan alive, has lived long enough to see his grandchild.

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