How Tall is Badboyhalo?

Badboyhalo is known due to the video game Minecraft. It is a famous video game based on programming linguistic. It helps you absorb the basics of programming and is a virtuous source of erudition for kids about programming.

Badboyhalo has gained a lot of fame due to online gaming and live streaming with fellow YouTubers and other players. Skeppy is also a famous gaming YouTuber and he also executes live streams with online players in Minecraft. Badboyhalo is shorter than his fellow YouTuber Skeppy.

Who is Badboyhalo?

Badboyhalo is an American gaming YouTuber. He is among the most famous YouTubers who own gaming channels and do live streams on Minecraft. His real name is Darryl Noveschosch and he is famous for posting content about Minecraft.

Badboy is a pro entertainer and player in Minecraft He started his social media profession through Youtube. He tossed his Youtube channel on May 27, 2012, which was earlier called The Saints of Games. Posted videos associated with Random Servers, Banning hackers,, and lots of stuff.

Badboyhalo started online Youtube series named Minecraft Ban Appeals, All Hunger Games Gameplays, and Other Awesome Things. He has posted the first video titled “ MINECRAFT: THE LAST UPDATE. ” It got 1 million views. On his Youtube channel “MINECRAFT: THE LAST UPDATE” is an eminent video.  

This video has been posted on June 21, 2017. It has got 1,483,496 views up till now. Most of the time people compare his height with Skeppy (a fellow YouTuber). Skeppy is taller than halo but on twitter Badboyhalo twitted “ I am 15 feet taller than Skeppy. ” Well… It was a joke and the real height of Skeppy is not taller than Badboyhalo.

Badboyhalo has gained a lot of success on his channel and has more than 2.6 million subscribers on it. He has also posted videos for banning hackers,, and some others. Formerly he was hosting Minecraft server MunchyMC but now he has stop uploading and is busy on his YouTube Channel.

However, there are a lot of deliberations about the height of Badboyhalo and especially his height comparison with Skeppy.

Real Height of Badboyhalo?

Badboyhalo has hazel eyes and brown hair. However, he has not divulged his height, weight, body statics, etc. But on his driver’s license, it is mentioned that he is 5’9’’.

Badboyhalo is slightly taller than Skeppy. Being a social media character, BadBoyHalo is dynamic on different social media daises exclusively on Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. However, he also has his Facebook account.

Badboyhalo Net Worth

Talking about BadBoyHalo’s earnings, he is a YouTube gamer who has made a quite substantial sum of cash through his YouTube videos. Observing YouTube statics, he has published 501 videos which all together add up to more than 59.4 million views till now.

However, on average he has created 4 new videos every month. Thus, his estimated net worth from his YouTube career is around 3-5 Million US Dollars. The primary source of income is the YouTube channel.  

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