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Will There Be A Season 3 of His Dark Materials?

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His Dark Material is a show based on a novel series written by Phillip Pullman. The story is about Lyra, an orphan girl who is raised at Jordon College in Oxford. She comes from an alternate world and when her friend goes missing, her determination to find her leads her to some dark secrets and kidnappings.

In her journey to find her friend, she comes across a boy named Will whose father disappeared over a decade ago and Lyra believes his disappearance is related to the other kidnappings.

The show currently has two seasons that have been released out of which the 2nd season is still airing on-screen ending at the end of December. As the end of the 2nd season approaches, fans are starting to question whether there will be a 3rd season or the 2nd season will be the end of the show.

The show has mostly received positive reviews with Rotten Tomatoes rating it at 80% and IMDb 7.9/10 which is a fairly good rating for a show to continue for another season or so.

News About His Dark Materials Season 3

The third season of the show has been confirmed by the creators of the show however the planning is all under wraps and the team of His Dark Material has not disclosed much information aside from the producer calling the 3rd season “weird and complicated.”

Executive producer and production designer Joel Collins told RadioTimes, “The world of season three is exceedingly weird and complicated.” He also said that he has many ideas for the new seasons and is excited to start working on them when filming begins after the lockdown is lifted. 

This news has made many fans glad that season 2 will not be the last season that they will get to watch but more content is coming to the screens. The fact that it has been said that the third season will be complex has us waiting impatiently to find out what will happen and how the characters will do their magic to keep everyone hooked at every second of the episode. 

The Storyline for the 3rd Season of His Dark Materials

The 3rd season will follow the story of The Amber Spyglass which is the last novel in the trilogy that is written by Pullman and it is said to be one of the most complex storylines out of all three books. 

It will have some major twists and turns and is sure to keep the readers hooked to their seats unable to contain their exhilaration regarding what will happen next.

Who Will be Part of the Cast?

The main characters like Lyra (played by Dafne Keen), Will (played by Amir Wilson) and others like Marisa Coulter (played by Ruth Wilson), Maggie Costa (played by Ann-Marie Duff) etcetera are expected to be part of the cast in season 3 too.

However as for the remaining cast that did not appear in every episode or was not that involved, we will find out when the cast list or the new season comes to screen whether they will make it or not.

The official cast list has not been announced as of yet which is why we cannot say who will make it to the cast list and if there will be new characters joining in for the 3rd season which might also be the last considering it is based on the last book from the series that this show is based on.

What to Expect Now?

Until the 2nd season ends, fans can enjoy the remaining episodes and after that, they should sit and patiently wait for the new season to premiere.

Considering the current situation, we can expect the new season to launch by November 2021 or maybe even later than that if the filming is delayed there is a high chance that the show will be released in 2022 or even 2022 depending on when the current situation is under control and it is safe to begin filming.

Until then we can make the most of the remaining episodes that come on our screen every week and once those are over, we can start re-watching the show because it is worth it.

However, if you are not interested in re-watching the old episodes you can check out Pullman’s that this series is based on which are as interesting as the show and you might even stumble upon a detail that the show might have missed out on. 

Jack Thorne the show runner told about some ideas that are in the pipeline for season three. It is related to the evolution of the Magisterium.

He said: “It’s hard to talk about because there’s a thing that happens in series three, as we’ve got it in our heads, that sees Father MacPhail (Will Keen) do something quite extraordinary and quite desperate and that question always intrigued us, it was something that we always wanted to itch at.”

He added “So we brought it forward into series one and established him as a very solid member of the Magisterium, someone who can be relied on in the Magisterium, in series two we see him transform into a leader and we see him making decisions which pollute him as a person, and we are all building towards that moment in series three where he steps over the edge into something quite dark.”

What to Watch Until Season 3 Comes Out?

In about a month, all the loyal fans who religiously watch this show will have seen all the episodes that have come out and will watch the last episode the same day it is aired, we would like to suggest some other masterpieces that you can check out in your spare time instead of being bored and missing watching His Dark Materials.

If you are into fiction storylines and shows that experiment with alternate universe humans or generally things that do not happen in real life, you can check out Supergirl. This show came out in 2015 and has released 5 seasons as yet with its 5th season’s last episode premiering in May 2020. Each season has around 20 episodes, more or less, and has some great storylines. 

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