Will There Be a Season 2 of The Undoing?

The American thriller series has got us all hooked with its first episode. It’s too bad that the remarkable, star-studded drama was a miniseries and ended much too soon.

The series is directed by our own Susanne Bier. And let’s not forget the amazing cast; Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant. With him in the show, it feels like a darker version of our teenage rom-com has come to life.

Of course, there are other noteworthy cast members too. Edgar Ramirez, Lily Rabe, Matilda De Angeles, for example. It’s safe to say that the cast has all given a truly stellar performance. 

Based on the 2014 novel “You should have known”, the Undoing was released on HBO on October 25, 2020. 

With only three episodes released yet roughly 50 minutes each, there is little doubt that anyone didn’t finish it in a day. There are about three more episodes in season 1, but their release dates are along the last two weeks of November. Thus, we began the long, excruciating process of waiting for another season. 

The Undoing – The storyline

In terms of storyline, The Undoing has pretty much all the conventional thrillers. A rich therapist. A sexy, charming husband that we all can’t help but suspect. A big city. A killer. And denial, of course. 

The story follows the life of a rich therapist Grace Sachs (portrayed by our very own Big little lies sweetheart, Nicole Kidman). Grace has the life we all dream of a successful career as a therapist who is on the brink of publishing her first book, a charming and insanely sexy husband, and a son.

The story is set in the heart of New York City with the charming husband is played by the one and only Hugh Grant. And we cannot stress this enough: he is as charming as you remember him in the rom-com we all love. 

Warning! SPOILERS AHEAD. So, tread carefully if you haven’t watched the previous episodes of The Undoing.

Anyway, a little before Grace’s book is all set to release, her perfect life comes crumbling down. In its wake are the series of nightmares, she couldn’t have fathomed. 

A brutal murder takes place, her perfect husband disappears abruptly and there is a series of shocking revelations.

With all the evidence pointing towards her husband, Grace is left in a mental turmoil like no other. And of course, when you hail from money, your misfortune is sure to draw public attention. The resulting public attention is a disaster for the already stricken Grace. 

So, what’s the current status of The Undoing?

As of now, the American psychological thriller show has been making quite a few heads turn. Thanks to its cast and the amazing chemistry, it keeps us forever guessing about what’s going to happen next.

Hugh Grant has surely got us all scrutinizing his demeanor for signs of betrayal, but so far, the charming actor has kept us guessing. So, for all the thrilling, goosebumpy ride, this show is not only gaining popularity, but it fared well with the critics too. 

But we have to keep in mind that up till now, only three episodes of the thrilling mini-series have been released. The final episode is all set to release on 22 November 2020. 

Under the circumstances, it a smart guess that the creative team is still focused on the complete release of season 1. You know, marketing and all. So, even if the show would be renewed for a second season, it is highly likely that the decision will be taken after the release of the final episode.

So, fans of Hugh Grant, we have a good shot of getting a season 2 as long as we keep supporting The Undoing!

How likely does a season 2 of The Undoing seems?

Right now, it is difficult to say because as we’ve mentioned before the crew is preparing for the release of the next six episodes. 

The Undoing Is Kidman’s second project with producer David. E. Kelley after Big little lies. Like the Undoing, it was supposed to be a limited series with only one season. However, Big little lies were surprising, (not) renewed for a second season.

Given the previous record, The Undoing stands a good chance to be renewed for a second season. But we have to remember what great virtue patience is and practice it. 

Besides, even if the limited series is not renewed for season 2, The Undoing has still got three more episodes in store for us. Given the stellar previous performances of Kidman and Grant, we expect nothing less from the series finale.

So, what’s the final verdict?

The final verdict is probably what we’ve been subtly hinting at throughout this article: it’s far too early to say if there will be a second season. So far, neither the creative team nor the cast has remarked on the future of The Undoing. 

We assume that they are all busy with the post-shooting procedures (we don’t know what those are, but there must be some, right?)

On the official website of HBO, the series is still a work in process. Not canceled, but not renewed for the next season till now. Emphasis on the word “up till now”. 

So, the only thing left to do for us eagerly waiting fans is to wait and watch. Many series have gone to the brink of death and still came back with the next season.

Others such as Big little lies were intended to be a limited series with one season but ended up with another season. After all the showbiz is an unpredictable arena. It all comes down to ratings. 

Like you, we are eagerly waiting for the next episode of The Undoing. With fingers crossed we are desperately hoping that Hugh Grant comes out innocent in the end. So, with fingers crossed, we can do nothing at this point except for waiting. And who knows, maybe our patience will be rewarded with a season 2!

We’ll let you know as soon as we get another update. Till then, stay tuned! 

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