Will There Be a Season 2 of the Barbarians?

If you are a history geek, The Barbarians would be a must-watch for you. Or even if you aren’t a history geek, you should give this show a shot. Trust me the hunky warriors are worth it. 

The German historical series is based on real-life events portrayed brilliantly by the cast members. The series was full of action-packed, nail biting-moments that we thoroughly enjoyed.

The Barbarians were released on Netflix on October 23, 2020. But much to our dismay, the first season only comprised of six episodes. With each episode roughly being 40 minutes, I am sure we all finished the series in less than two days. And now we are all waiting for the next season, right? 

If you are one of us, you have definitely stumbled upon the right place! We have all the

inside news and updates regarding Barbarians. So, keep reading!

What happened in Barbarians so far?

The German historic series garnered a lot of positive attention in just a week after it’s released. 

Barbarians were praised for the good performances and direction. However, some people did comment on the historical lapses in the show. But oh well, you can’t create a 100% accurate historical drama.

For one, it’s not like the Germans preserved every petty detail for the future generations to make a show. Plus, it is not possible to enact everything from the 9 A.D. So, we should just take it as it is: a historically themed show based on true events Besides, it’s more about entertainment, right?

Anyway, Barbarians follows the story of the Roman occupation of the Magna Germania (which is present-day Germany). 

Spoiler alert!

If you haven’t completed Barbarians, tread carefully because there are major spoilers ahead! 

The events took place in the 9 A.D when the Germanic tribes suffered at the hands of the empire. The heavy taxation and the frequent demands for tribute made the lives of people increasingly difficult. 

Under the circumstances, Arminius from the Roman Imperial Army sets out to remedy the situation. He aims to maintain order among the region which is frequently disturbed by the petty fights between the local chiefs and tribes.

Arminius originally sets out to enforce the order in ancient Germany, however when he sees the poor condition of the people, he changes plans. Instead of reinforcing the order, he unites the tribes with the help of Thusnelda and invades three Roman legions.

The Germans emerge victorious with Arminius’ help and their conditions get significantly better.

Has a second season of the Barbarians been announced yet?

As far as official announcements go, there hasn’t been one yet. Netflix is yet to announce a second season for Barbarians. But save your disappointment and remember that it’s only been two weeks or so since the release of the historical drama.

Typically, it takes around a few days to a few weeks for the creative team to work out the possibility of a new season. Plus, with the Covid-19 pandemic going on, the shooting of all projects is more or less delayed.

There is a lot of unpredictability due to lockdowns. Moreover, travel restrictions certainly don’t make the job any easier. 

Is there a chance of Barbarians being renewed for season 2?

As far as predictions go, there is a high possibility that the show will have a second season. Besides, Barbarians are fast climbing charts. In fact, the show is in the most-watched charts on Netflix since its release in October 2020.

So, there we can safely conclude that we will be watching more of our favorite warriors in the next season!

What could Barbarians Season 2 be about?

Well, there are many possibilities for the plot of the second season. Season 1 of the show ended in a phenomenal victory for Arminius and the German tribes, thanks to help from Thusnelda.

The Romans suffered an ugly defeat, at least for the time being. However, as we probably remember from our history lessons, ancient Rome wasn’t the one to easily back down in a fight. Or digest a defeat so easily. So, we can expect more German-Roman wars in season 2. 

The shattered Roman empire will likely assemble again. Moreover, the empire maintained control over Germania Superior post the battle of Teutoburg Forest. That simply implies that we would see some tension on that front too. 

On the other hand, the once united German tribes will be left to consider whether they want to extend their alliance or break the ties. 

The series could go according to true events preserved in history.


It could take a completely different turn and ditch the historical timeline altogether. It’s not like the plot followed the historical events 100% accurately in season 1. Plus, with all the historical lapses criticized in Season 1, the creative team might decide that it’s too much work to carry forward with the story based on true events only.

This could be a very viable hypothesis since the series Showrunner say that this show is not a history lesson.

So, there is no definite conclusion about what the second season of Barbarians would have in store for us. 

But hey! somethings are best left to the imagination. Till another season of the show is announced, all we can do is imagine and speculate about its storyline. However, we can be sure about one thing, the cast will continue to blow us away with their stellar performance. So, we wouldn’t have any need to pay attention to the historical inaccuracies. (Which, let’s be honest, were ever-present in season 1) 

Well, the final verdict is pretty much the same as we said before: Nothing is confirmed yet. 

Netflix has yet to announce the renewal of Barbarians for a second season. But based on the reviews and the ratings, there is no reason for us to be worried. So, we can safely conclude that thankfully, we will be seeing more of our favorite, hunky warriors in another season of Barbarians.

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