Will There Be a Season 2 of Paranormal?

Paranormal brings new and fresh content to the screen considering it is an Egyptian show based on a book written by Ahmad Khaled Towfeq named Ma Waraa Al Tabiaa.

The story is set in the 1960s about a man named Dr. Refaat Ismail (who is played by Ahmed Amin) is an Egyptian professor of hematology at the university.

Dr. Ismail considers himself extremely unlucky and is extremely paranoid due to experiences in his childhood and being haunted by a young girl Shiraz in his adult life. He faces difficulty in expressing his emotions to his loved ones and to his friend Maggie (who is played by Razane Jammal). Dr. Ismail has experienced many paranormal activities himself and has been told many stories of the same kind.

Paranormal keeps the viewers hooked in the 1st season as it is filled with suspense and anyone who is a fan of watching shows about paranormal activities will instantly become a fan of this show.

The first season follows the professor as he experiences many things and even learns to lucid dream. He blames himself for all the troubles specifically after his brother Reda (Rushdi Al Shami) dies.

The 1st season has always hinted towards the fact that the professor and Maggie might have a romantic relationship in the future however there is no surety for that and we will only find that out if a new season is released.

Is Paranormal Season 2 Coming?

Many fans have asked questions regarding whether they should have hopes for another season however no announcement by Netflix has been made regarding whether the show will be renewed or not.

Paranormal is not just a horror show but its content is dark and not suitable for many viewers which is why it has a relatively small number of fans and if it were to get renewed for another season it would need a larger audience.

The show has generally been well received by the watchers with a rating of 8.5 out of 10 by IMDb and 96% by Rotten Tomato meaning fans can have hope for another season however that we will only find out in a few weeks either by the end of 2020 or sometime in early 2021.

The Plot for Paranormal Season 2

If the show gets renewed for a fresh season then we will most likely get to see more interesting content. Why do you ask? It is because there have been 81 books published in the book’s series meaning the show might run for several seasons as there is a lot to show to the excited viewers. 

The 1st season ended with the professor finding the body of the ghost Shiraz in the mansion where his mother was employed when he was a child.

The professor also receives a letter from his college friend Louis who admits that he Lucifer and it appears that this is how the 2nd season will begin with the professor finding out what his friend’s letter meant which said, “no more games.”

There is only speculation regarding what will happen in the 2nd season of the show as it is not possible as yet to say anything with surety.

Suppose Netflix does renew the show for another season, fans should not get too excited as considering the current situation the release of a new season of the show is renewed will take some time.

Due to the Covid-19 situation that is currently shutting down many countries and making people cancel their plans, if this situation does not come under control anytime soon, the filming could delay consequently causing a hindrance in the release of a new season too.

The Cast of the 2nd Season of Paranormal

We are assuming that if Netflix announces a 2nd season by December 2020 or January 2021, the cast will include Refaat Ismail along with his longtime friend Maggie. Besides these two, there is a high possibility of Refaat’s college friend making an appearance in the 2nd season as he sent the professor a letter at the end of the 1st season.

It is also possible that the creators bring in a completely different cast which will also be a fun thing to watch although we are sure that fans would like to see Amin’s character appearing every now and then or at least stay as a narrator as he has been in the 1st season.

What is Next?

Until Netflix gives the green light to the team of Paranormal that they can start preparing for the 2nd season, all fans can do is sit and wait for the final announcement regarding whether the show is renewed or canceled.

The fact that the episodes of the first season have only been released at the beginning of November gives us hope that in the coming weeks, the number of fans will keep increasing which will ultimately push Netflix to allow another season.

Furthermore, in recent times, Netflix has given other international shows a chance such as Money Heist to be played on their streaming platform which is why we expect that Paranormal with its superb storyline, amazing performances by the actors especially Ahmed Amin who plays Refaat Ismail, and an increasing fan base who are looking forward to another season will be enough reasons for Netflix to renew the new horror show.

As fans you can try our best to encourage more people to watch this fantastic piece so that the announcement for renewal will be made soon and the fans will be able to sit back, relax and wait for another season knowing it is coming if not sooner than definitely later!

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