Will There Be a Planet Earth Part 3?

Planet Earth is the big-budget nature documentary television series produced by the BBC Natural History Unit. The first season of the multiple award-winning British television series aired way back in 2006.

The epic combination of high-definition filming technology and the mellifluous voice of narrator David Attenborough completes Planet Earth. It took around five years of continuous hard work to make this masterpiece. Planet Earth is a treat for all nature lovers by giving a spectacular global overview of the entire planet.

All you can enjoy in this breathtaking series ranges from high mountains and deep seas to jungles and deserts. This successful series gained multiple awards like four Emmy Awards, a Royal Television Society Award, and a Peabody Award. 

Planet Earth: Season I

Season 1 of Planet Earth comprises 11 episodes discussing different environmental habitats. Due to immense popularity, Planet Earth soon grew into a franchise that created some companion series like Planet Earth: The Future and Saving Planet Earth – and a feature film on a similar theme co-produced by Disney and the BBC titled film Earth.

Planet Earth: Season II

After the first season’s massive success, it took around a decade to develop its official second season. Planet Earth II finally aired in 2016 and hooked the viewers throughout the six episodes plus the compilation episode “A World of Wonder.”

David Attenborough said about Season II

‘We can now show life on our planet in entirely new ways; bring you closer to animals than ever before and reveal new wildlife dramas for the very first time. But that is not all; the planet has changed too. Never have our wildernesses been as fragile and as precious as they are today.

At this crucial time for the natural world, we will journey to every corner of the globe; to explore the greatest treasures of our living planet and reveal the extreme lengths animals go to survive.”

Fortunately, fans of Planet Earth won’t have to wait another decade or a couple of years for its third season. So, we have everything lined up that you need to know about Planet Earth III.

Planet Earth III Is Already Undertaken

The BBC announced it way back in February 2019 that Planet Earth III was going to happen.

Planet Earth III – The Release Date

The second sequel, Planet Earth III, is currently announced and planned to air in the year 2022 on the BC and BBC America.

Planet Earth III – The Storyline

The makers are claiming it to be “the most ambitious natural history landmark.” The combined-flavor of the latest technology and newly discovered animal behaviors to dig in both the sides of the world and the extreme challenges facing the planet would be a treat to watch. The third season will comprise eight new episodes of one-hour each. 

The Planet Earth III series will portray nature on a global scale. The primary topic will revolve around the new challenges faced by animals and plants in the 21st century due to Planet Earth’s fragility. We all must be excited about the wonderful storytelling which we have always experienced in BBC documentaries.

The shooting hours will be longer than ever and intense too. They will use the latest high-end technology-based robotic cameras and deep submersibles to create a breathtaking and fascinated visual journey.

What other nature documentaries we have from BBC in the pipeline for now or 2020?

Alongside the announcement of Planet Earth III going into production, the BBC also announced to launch a couple of other nature documentaries. Let’s have a look.

  • One Planet: Seven Worlds (2019) – This documentary explored each of the continents’ wildlife and discussed their traits in deep. It also includes how these characteristics influence the other animals living there.
  • Primates (2020) – The show was released in April this year. It mainly focused on the closest being to use, i.e., the gorillas and lemurs. It helped to understand the strategies that monkeys or apes use to survive in the most unexpected places. 
  • Perfect Planet (2020) – It is yet to release, exploring how different laws of nature’s attractions like weather and ocean mold the world’s currents shape.
  • Frozen Planet II (2021) -A sequel to its series aired back in 2011. It will take you back to an amazing visualizing journey of the Arctic and Antarctica. It narrates the complete story of the melting icy corners of our planet earth and how the animals are facing challenges because of this. 
  • Green Planet (2021) – This amazing series will innovatively explore the planets like never before. 
  • The Mating Game (2021) – An amazing and underrated topic to be discussed lies here; as the name suggests, mating behavior of all sorts of animals.

So, as long as Planet Earth III hits the big screens, the BBC has made sure to charge you up with other amazing documentaries. It is a full-fledged package to keep nature lovers entertained in the meanwhile. Don’t wait now, and start binge watching!

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