Will There be a Moana 2?

Disney’s animated films have a massive fan following in the world. Its animated movies like Zootopia, Frozen, and Moana have been a huge success in their times and have left a remembrance mark in the viewer’s mind. Fans always look forward to the sequels of every successful Disney movie.

Similarly, fans are wondering about the future of Moana’s story. Moana laid down the adventure of Moana (Auli’I Cravalho) and Maui (Dwayne Johnson) as they search for the mystical relic and return it to its rightful owner. It is known for its stunning storyline, pleasing animation, and catchy soundtrack. Read on further to know more about Moana’s future.

Will there ever be Moana 2?

No official announcement has been made nor a press release has made news despite fans demanding a second part of the successful first Moana movie. In addition to that, Pandemic has affected the entertainment industry as well.

Creators aren’t willing to risk releasing their production amid the major problem of the globe. The original film grossed around $690 Million and marked its name amongst the best-animated movies of all time. Therefore, a sequel may prove to be successful for the studio. So fans can hope that the announcement is made soon.

When Will Moana 2 be Released?

Since there is no news regarding the second movie, there is no official release date. There are rumors that Disney is in talks with the main voice artists, Johnson and Carvalho, which indicates a possible sequel. Once Moana 2 is officially announced, then its release date can be predicted.

What Plot can Fans Expect from Moana 2?

In the first movie, Moana completed the task and delivered the mysterious relic to the goddess Te Fiti after teaming up with the demigod Maui. Moana returned to the village at the end and takes up the mantle of chief and Wayfinder, leading her people as they recommence voyaging.

So we can assume that Moana 2 will begin from where it left; Moana will face new threats and enemies that will lurk in her village and we might even get to see some new sea fights during the voyages.

Is there a Moana Series?

In December 2020, during the Disney investors meeting, Walt Disney Studios made major announcements regarding animated series for the Disney+ platform. Along with Batmax!, Zootopia+, Tiana, a Moana series is also planned to be released in 2023 on Disney+.

However, no further news has been regarding it. We don’t know whether it will continue from where the first movie ended or will it introduce new adventures of Moana in a setting that is years apart from the first movie. We have to wait for a few more years until we get more news regarding Moana’s series.

Final Verdict?

Moana 2 is not releasing lately or even in a few years. Fans have to wait for the movie that is yet to be announced, instead, they must be delighted to hear that a series has been announced that will bring back their favorite Polynesian Chief and Wayfinder.

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