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Stranger Things Season 4 – Release Date, Cast & News

Photo by Netflix

“ IT’S OFFICIAL: ANOTHER SEASON IS COMING! ” This is what Netflix has to say about the famous multi-genre show Stranger Things that has fans of ages from teenagers to young adults. The fans of the show have been waiting for a fresh season since September 2019 when Netflix announced season 4.

The most obvious explanation as to why there have been no new episodes is that the pandemic brought the filming to a halt. The team was only able to shoot for season 4 only for 2 weeks until the Covid-19 crisis hit and shooting was forced to shut down on March 16th, 2020.

The 3rd season ended with a 1 hour 17 minutes of exhilarating events happening in the episode. The fans were left with many questions by the time the 3rd season ended which is why they were anticipating a new set of episodes very soon. However, the fans need not to worry about whether they will see the trio again or not because Netflix has confirmed a new season.

Although there is no confirmed date for the release of the new season however the cast has confirmed that filming has begun and we expect a new season hopefully sometime in the next year i.e. 2021.

There is a possibility that the 4th season will be released around the time of a public holiday like the 2nd season came to screen on Halloween and the 3rd season was aired on the 4th of July.

What Will Happen in the 4th Season?

For starters, fans were shocked to watch the death of Hopper at the end of the 3rd season however there is a possibility of him being upside-down. The trailer of the show that came out in February indicated that Jim Hopper was true, alive but he was far from home and in great danger.

On the other hand, we have reason to believe that the 4th season will separate the gang because Joyce, her sons, and eleven are seen packing their belongings into a van which indicates that the gang might not be together anymore and the location of the show might change from Hawkins to some other place.

Natalia Dyer (who played Nancy Wheeler on the show) said that she could not give out much information and that the new season was not around the corner anytime soon however it is coming and it will be big! That, without a doubt, makes us excited about the upcoming season and we are keen to see how the events will unfold and what will happen throughout the season.

Furthermore, the Duffer brothers, Matt and Ross Duffer who created the show have relieved the fans by announcing that although the ending of the show has been planned it is definitely not the 4th season. This means that season 5 is also coming which will be the ultimate end of the show.

Aside from everything, Eleven has lost her powers and is unable to even lift her teddy bear from her wardrobe. Mike tells her that her powers will most likely come back however we don’t know that for sure but we will find that out in the 4th season.

There was a theory being discussed on Reddit where the fans believe that Eleven might have been affected by the monster bite on her leg which would cause the Mind Flayer to turn her against the town and control her mind just like it did with Will and Billy. Keeping this in mind, we will find out once the 4th season comes out whether this theory has any reality to it is just a theory.

The Cast in Season 4 of Stranger Things

The 4th season will include Joyce (Winona Ryder) as she was seen leaving with her sons and eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) who are also part of the cast. Besides, Jim Hopper is also expected to be part of the cast as although the 3rd season showed that he died but just like mentioned above he is alive but not safe and in the hands-on Russians.

According to some reports, the Duffer brothers have plans to bring in new characters, 3 children, and 1 adult however they have not publicly announced it yet. However, we were able to identify the adult character that the brothers wish to bring to the cast of Stranger Things. Joel Stoffer who played the role of Enoch is said to be the new character however his name is still unidentified.

Priah Ferguson (who plays Erica) has always made it to the list of the cast for season 4 and this time her role is expected to be bigger than before. This news might excite some of those nerdy fans as her character is smart and sassy and pretty lovable by many fans and it is not possible to get bored when she is on screen.

Maya Hawke (who plays Robin on the show) who was introduced in the 3rd season is also very likely to appear in the upcoming season.

What Happens Next?

The only thing that fans can do right now is waiting for the new season to come out which will hopefully happen either at the end of 2021 after the shooting completes or in 2022 because if the second wave of Covid-19 is coming, it is highly likely that the filming will shut down again and just like the first time we will have no idea when the filming will begin again.

We can only hope that the team of Stranger Things is able to safely and with ease complete the shooting for the 4th season. There is no doubt that the fans are eagerly waiting for new content and the fact that it is promised that the new season will be big and way ahead of the fan’s expectations keeps the fans satisfied and happy.

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