How Tall is Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift is an American singer-songwriter. With splendid vocals and her chronicle songwriting, which often takes spur from her own life makes every song perfect. Taylor Swift has amassed prevalent critical commendation and media attention.

Some real TV-time pictures show her as the tallest creature but this is actually due to camera angles. In a picture with Bruno Mars, she was looking like she is 6 feet but that doesn’t make Bruno 4′ 11″. The photo was taken from an angle that made Taylor Swift look extra taller than Bruno. The other factors were she was definitely wearing elevated footwear and Bruno is billed at 5′ 5”.

Why Taylor Looks that Much Taller?

In some Clicks with people like Reese Witherspoon who’s not tall doesn’t mean that Taylor is necessarily a giant. She claims that she is 5 & 11 but wears heels more than the heels of other people.

A perfect example with five feet and ten inches Tyra bank if you look at their feet Tyra is wearing much more standard heels. While Taylor Swift is wearing a massive heel in comparison. The main cause behind the massive tallness is only high heels.

Taylor Swift Looks the Same Height as Her Ex- Taylor

If we step back to the History where Taylor used to date Taylor. In a photo where she is not wearing heels, honestly, she is looking as much tall as her boyfriend. From many sources, it has been confirmed that her ex- is not a tall guy and his height is 5 and 8.

There were times where she did wear flat and walking with her ex- she barely looked taller. Taylor Swift is a little taller than him but she is not five plus eleven inches.

Is Taylor Swift Leggy?

Her fans say that she is very leggy and that’s why she looks tall. Though she has a beautiful supermodel kind of body. But the real reason might be her footwear as she really tends to wear heels all the time. In all her pictures her ankles are really high and she looks taller.

The mystery of her height became solved when her two different pictures with Ed Sheeran were compared. There is a picture in which she is resting her head on the shoulder of Ed Sheeran. In another photo taken on stage, Taylor Swift is looking big and is wearing heels. She doesn’t look high because of her legs as she is not leggy in the real sense.

What Must Her Height Number be?

Taylor Swift claims to be 5′ 11”. But that might not be believable as she doesn’t just wear standard or ordinary heels. She often wears very platform kind of distinctly high heels and they can make her look very very tall. Her actual height is nearly 5 feet 9 inches.

And almost all the times she has seen wearing this type of footwear. It means always wearing heels that you can clearly observe in most of her photographs. However, Taylor always says that she is five feet and eleven inches. She also looks taller but her real height is not 5 and 11.

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