How Tall is Moana’s Dad?

Anyone who has watched the Disney movie Moana knows how important the character of her father is. Chief Tui, an overprotective dad, and this strong character certainly adds much depth to the story.

Chief Tui has a strong case of aquaphobia, which is a fear of water. This is because he loses a loved one at the sea. Therefore, he opposes the very idea of anyone traveling or venturing near the seas.

Unfortunately, the Chief’s daughter Moana is an ardent lover of the seas. She hopes to become a Voyager and thus her dreams fiercely clash with the beliefs of her father. However, Tui is shown as an excellent father, acting as a guide to her daughter Moana, who is supposed to take charge after him.

He spends time with her and teaches her all about their beliefs and practices and shows utmost excitement about his daughter taking charge. Dads take notice, this is how you are supposed to act with your daughters. This is how you give them confidence and prepare them well for the cruel world ahead.

The Beliefs of Moana’s Father

Although Chief Tui puts strong laws to deter people from going to the seas, he is not a bad person. In fact, he is quite a gregarious and caring personality in the movie. He is not only respected as a leader but also loved as a tribe member due to his nature. He innocently, yet genuinely believes that Montunui is the paradise and thus wants to remain on its shores forever.

In his heart, Chief Tui loves the seas as much as Moana, but after a sailing trip, his views changed. The said trip took the life of his dear friend, whereas Tui managed to save himself. Therefore, he is laden with guilt and vows to stay away from the seas. 

According to many people, Moana is one of the most underrated Disney movies. It portrays a strong female character all set to take the lead. It has elements such as family, dreams, and passions and shows them in a realistic light. Therefore, it is surely one of the best Disney movies ever made.

How Tall is Moana’s Father?

Now coming to the question of his height. Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact figure on the height of chief Tui. There are not many articles that confirm his height and our predictions are at best, assumptions as they are not confirmed by any member of the team, either the cast or the creative heads.

However, Chief Tui appears to be at eye level with Maui, and Moana reaches to his father’s shoulders. As Moana is around 7 ft 5 inches (2.26 meters), that would make her father about a foot taller than her. So, 8 feet and 6 inches (2.59 meters!!!) is quite a reasonable estimate for the height of Chief Tui, Moana’s father in the Disney movie.

But as we have mentioned before, this is only an estimate and the real height could vary by a few inches. 

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