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How Tall is Moana in the Disney Movie?

Photo by Disney

Moana is probably the most inspiring Disney princess for young girls. The primary reason for this is that the love interest isn’t the primary plot of the movie.

In fact, there is no love interest at all. The movie revolves around… (spoiler alert!) Moana finding resources for her tribe after the plants and animals in the tribe start to die due to a blight. 

Oh, and there is another unique fact about this Disney princess: she is incredibly tall!

How Tall is Moana in the Disney Movie?

If you google Princess Moana’s height, it would reveal that she is 7 foot 5 inches (or 2.26 meters) tall! Yep, you read that right. The fiercely strong Disney princess is nothing less than a giant. 

Maybe, there is a slight mistake on the part of Google when quoting Princess Moana’s height. However, according to the various sources we have checked, it all states the same height: a mighty 7 foot and 5 inches. 

There are also some fans on Quora who calculated an estimate of Moana’s height. They used various scenes from the movie such as the one where Moana is standing next to a chicken. Then they compared the chicken’s height to Moana’s height. Which was roughly 5 times the height of the chicken.

Thus, they concluded that Moana is about 5 feet and 5 inches (1.65 meters) tall, which seems like a more reasonable estimate compared to what Google provides. But nevertheless, the official height of this Disney Princess is still mentioned as 7 feet 5 inches on Google. And who can argue with Google? 

How Tall is Moana? A Short Recap

Moana is Probably One of the Few Princesses with a Realistic Body

Oh, and another thing that we absolutely adore about this princess is the real body. For years, Disney princess used to be this perfect woman with beautiful hair and huge eyes, and a tiny waist. Be it Aurora, Cinderella, or even relatively modern princesses like Elsa or Anna. 

But not this one. Moana’s body was deliberately kept close to the realistic body standards and according to her character. This is a wonderful initiative on Walt Disney’s part as most girls grow up wanting to be Disney princesses. If there is a real princess they can look up to, it can significantly improve their body image.

The height of the Disney princess? Well, that’s another thing. In fact, there is a petition going on about including Moana in the next NBA championship. A far-off dream, but hilarious nonetheless. 

But whatever others may say, Moana will forever be one of our favourite princesses for all the right reasons! 

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