How Tall is Charlie D’Amelio?

The truth about the internet sensations is that you don’t actually plan for it. In 2019 Charlie D’Amelio joined TikTok and mostly posted short choreography on some catchy songs. She made videos with some friends or alone.

It was cool and was caught in her community of followers. But the engagement she got weren’t at that point. As a young child, Charlie had dreams of becoming a professional dancer. She is a well-known dancer but the reputation is just for dancing 15 seconds in a social media dais(TikTok). People say that she is taller than Addison Rae.

TikTok has arranged mammoth fame for different content creators, especially dancers. Charlie D’Amelio was born on 1st May 2004 and she was raised in a catholic family. With increasing engagement and traffic it is no surprise that TikTok has become the newest platform for promoting content.

Charlie is the highest-ranked influencer and she is referred to as the reigning queen of TikTok. She has amassed about 100M+ followers on TikTok.

Charlie D’Amelio is Making More Money than Addison Rae. How?

Now, Charlie charges $100K per post on her page. And has a net worth of more than 8 million dollars. She is the most prevalent teen TikToker. She is the first to hit 100 million followers on TikTok. At present, she has 111M followers on TikTok.

Few luminaries and influencers have cracked the 100 million hedge on social podiums. There was a debate about her height and the comparison with a fellow TikToker Addison Rae.

On Instagram, she has 39.4M followers. She has grown on TikTok more swiftly and crossed Addison Rae, who has 78.5M on TikTok. Charlie ranks at the top on TikTok with 9B likes on and she has become the most earning TikToker. Charlie D’Amelio has more followers but according to a Forbes report near the end of 2020, Addison was making more money. But now Charlie is on top.

How Tall is Charlie D’Amelio?

There is a lot of misinformation about her height on the internet. Some websites mention that she’s 5 feet and 7 inches while some say she is 5’6’’. Her height was also compared with Addison Rae and people say a lot of things about her tallness.

But in a collaboration video with a Canadian Youtuber Molly Burke, Charlie clearly said that she is five feet and three inches tall. However, Charlie D’Amelio does not look small. Actually, she likes to wear more athleisure and casual dresses. Long jeans and short tops make her look good. Her outfit choice makes her look 3-4 inches taller.

What does Charlie Like More than Dancing?

She is a Caffeine junkie and the only thing Charlie D’Amelio loves more than dancing is coffee. The coffee fanatic is especially fond of the Dunkin Donuts variety. Earlier this year the Dunkin Donuts company got to learn Charlie’s obsession and decided to reward her accordingly.

She received incredible merchandise from the coffee chain. It included branded candles a onesie a fanny pack and a huge coffee dispenser. Carlie once tweeted “if I could get a cold brew tap in my room my life would be complete.” The custom gift was the reply to that tweet.

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