How Tall is Anna (Frozen)?

Princess Anna of Arendelle, oh how we love her. From her carefree nature to her inherent loyalty, this character is surely a fan favorite. Although Elsa is blessed (or cursed, depending on how you see it) with superpowers, Anna more than makes up for it with her strong will.

This Disney princess is surprisingly relatable, funny, and at the same time, very inspiring. 

She broke the stereotype of damsel in distress by fiercely going after her sister in Frozen. She didn’t wait for a man to save the day. Oh, and how can we forget the part where the act of pure love wasn’t a true love’s kiss? That was one of the most inspiring messages Disney could ever give.

Anna becomes the Queen after Elsa gives up the throne in Frozen 2. Being the perfect example of ‘sisters before misters’, she is a fan favorite for all the right reasons. 

How Tall is Princess Anna from Frozen?

According to the official wiki page of Frozen, Princess Anna of Arendelle is 5 foot 3 inches (1.60 meters). Although there was some question on the accuracy of the wiki page after there was a mistake in Olaf’s height.

His height was mentioned on the same wiki page as 5 foot 4 inches (1.62 meters). Which is a couple of inches taller than an average woman in many countries. If true, Olaf’s height would imply that both Elsa and Anna along with the entire population of Arendelle are towering giants.

But that misunderstanding was soon cleared after confused fans wreaked havoc on Twitter. But this adorable snowman from Frozen will forever have our heart, whether he is 5 feet or 11 feet (1.80 meters). 

Anyway, this entire ordeal had people questioning Princess Anna’s height too. However, the Director and the co-writer of Frozen, Jennifer Lee soon released a statement on Twitter.

In her statement, she cleared the misunderstanding about Olaf’s height. She clarified that the height given in the wiki article was indeed a typo. She further affirmed that Princess (and later, Queen) of Arendelle, Anna is surely 5 foot 3 inches. Which makes her character all the more believable?

Why was Princess Anna’s characterized as shorter than Elsa?

Think about that, her average (or maybe, relatively short height according to some countries) compliments her bubbly personality so well. She is playful, hopelessly romantic, but also strong-willed when it comes to doing the right thing. Her height also subtly hints that Elsa is the older of the two sisters.

The Disney team surely has spent a lot of time developing the characters in Frozen and they have certainly done an excellent job. There are layers to every character, and this is what makes them both relatable and believable. 

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