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How Old is Shrek in Shrek 1,2,3 and 4?

Shrek who is imperially known as Sir Shrek is the inclusive nominal foremost protagonist of the Shrek charter. Shrek is the husband of Fiona’s and his best friends are Donkey and Puss. Felicia, Farkle, and Fergus are conjointly known as the ogre triplets. These three are the triplet broods of Fiona and Shrek. Shrek is the son-in-law of King Harold and Queen Lillian.

There are 4 Shrek movies released till now and the fifth one is expected in September of 2022. In the first movie, Shrek was very young. In Shrek The Musical and the book, it is exposed that his parents sent him away as an ogre ritual when he was very young. At that time Shrek was not even entered his teens. He was very young and was sent away by his parents.

Summary of Shrek Story

The story is about an ogre whose name is Shrek. The crabby and haughty Shrek was born to an unknown mother and father. Shrek lives in a marsh in the mid of the wood by himself. In the beginning, he enjoys terrifying the people, but he never harms them.

Shrek wasn’t vicious or spiteful yet he is assumed as a sinful ugly ogre to some. In the first part, Shrek was a little kid with an age of fewer than 10 years. All the other fairy tale creatures came to know him when he rescued a donkey and it was the point where the story begins in the first part.

And in the 4th part, where Shrek blessed his family and friends with a newfound. They appreciate him for everything he has done, and for living happily forever after. With the time his age increased and in the latest parts, he has grown old.

Shrek Aged or Much Better Than Other Movies

Shrek is truly aged better than the other animated movie characters. From the first part aired in 2001 to the 4th part that came in 2010, he has a smooth increment in age. The reason is that his life is illustrated in a sequence.

There is a large gap after Shrek 4 and now Shrek 5 is expected to be released in 2022. There is a great expectancy that viewers will see a factual age difference this time as in the previous parts.

How Old is Shrek? In Shrek 1,2,3 and 4

When the first Shrek “The Musical and the book” was released, it was on the 7th birthday of Shrek. His parents sent him away from the hometown when he was 7 years old. In the first part he is seen alone, he traveled to different areas and was very young at that time.

With the release of 2004 Shrek part 2, he can be seen mature and young with the age more than 10 years old. His real age in the part 3 is still not confirmed. However, he looked 16- 17 years old in that part. When he rescued Fiona, he was 24 years old at that time in the last part. That means in the fifth part that is going to be released in 2022, he would be above 30 years.

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