Enola Holmes 2 – Release Date, Cast & News

Who does not know about the legendary character of Sherlock Holmes? Almost everyone! but this year, we have seen an astounding portrayal of Enola Holmes—Mycroft and Sherlock’s teenage sister.

Enola Holmes premiered on Netflix on September 23, 2020, starring Millie Bobby Brown as Enola, Henry Cavil as Sherlock, and Sam Claflin as Mycroft. The film received positive reviews from fans and critiques and since then, everyone is anticipating Enola Holmes’s sequel.

Well, according to the director of the movie, Harry Bradbeer, Enola Holmes 2 is under discussion. This is obvious considering that the movie was a hit on Netflix and has the potential of becoming a big franchise. 

The lead star of the film, Millie Bobbie Brown is also positive about the sequel. She told Deadline that “There’s more of the story to be told. The story is not over yet. She is not grown-up, there is no conclusion. I think she’ll forever be always evolving, but there’s more to be shown on screen.”

The story of Enola Holmes is based on the first novel from Nancy Springer’s Mystery series, and there are five books in total. So, we can assume that there are a lot of mysteries for Enola to solve. And considering that Millie Bobby Brown has incredibly portrayed Enola, it will make more sense if Netflix continues to make more Enola Holmes movies.

So, will there be Enola Holmes 2? What can the audience expect? Let us follow the clues and continue reading to find out more about the Cast, Release date, and latest news about the sequel of Enola Holmes.

Release Date of Enola Holmes 2

Since there is no official word from Netflix about the sequel of Enola Holmes, it is unclear when we will see Enola Holmes 2.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the industry has seen major shutdowns and delays. Therefore, we can say that the production of Enola Holmes 2 might be pushed back further. Lead star, Millie Bobbie Brown will also be filming for the fourth season of The Stranger Things.

Considering all that, fans have a long wait ahead. When it comes to sequels, Netflix also takes its time.

The general gap between the release of the original movie and the sequel is more or less 18-22 months. Even if Enola Holmes 2 does get confirmed this year, filming will likely begin at the end of 2021 with probable release in 2022.

Cast of Enola Holmes 2: What Changes Can you Expect?

Millie Bobbie Brown will of course be returning for the sequel of Enola Holmes. We can also expect other important characters like Sherlock and Mycroft to come back.

Henry Cavil and Sam Claflin will likely be there for the sequel. And Netflix would not have any problem retrieving Sam Claflin again as he seemed very excited after playing Mycroft. “I had so much with this character”, he said in an interview with Digital Spy. He further added that “It was something that I wasn’t fully expecting, but I just fell in love with the movie and the people involved. I fell in love with the character.”

As for Tewkesbury, we are not sure whether we will see him in the sequel or not. It is a possibility that he might not find a place in the next Enola Holmes movie. Nonetheless, we loved Louis Partridge as Tewkesbury, and would surely anticipate his return.

Since the entire mystery of Enola Holmes revolved around her mother Eudoria, there is a fat chance that Helena Bonham Carter will also return for Enola Holmes 2. Moreover, Adeel Akhtar is also likely to take back on his reprising role of inspector Lestrade. He believes that Bradbeer is a loving and easy director as he explains each and every person the details of their character. He said this while speaking to Digital Spy.

He further quoted that working in that atmosphere would be amazing and he would love to come back.

Latest News about Enola Holmes 2: What to Expect?

 In the last movie, we have seen the mystery of the missing lord playing out. But how the final moments of Enola Holmes set up its sequel? In the closing scenes of the film, we witnessed the Holmes family reunion and Enola deciding what errands she is going to run after the events.

After saving Tewkesbury, Enola goes on to find her mother and discovers a coded message in a newspaper, allegedly from Eudoria asking Enola to meet her at Royal Academy.

But being Sherlock’s sister, she figures out that it’s a ploy from her brothers, and to confirm her theory, she reaches the Royal Academy as a newspaper seller.

Sherlock and Mycroft, not seeing her there, return disappointed, but Sherlock Spots a pin cone toy of Enola and realizes that she was there.

When she returns to her room, she unexpectedly finds her mother Eudoria waiting for her. She tells Enola that she will always be there for her and all she has to do is leave her a coded message like she did before.

In the final monologue when Enola is speaking to the camera, she vows to find her “own path”. She says that her mother wants her to be free. “She wanted me to find my freedom, my future, my purpose”.

In the upcoming movies, if we follow the books, we will see Enola solving more missing person cases, and finding her true purpose. If this movie turns into a franchise, we will see the character of Enola Holmes evolving into a great detective, just as we have seen in many other Sherlock franchises. 

According to the second book of Nancy Springer’s, Enola is all set to solve the case of the missing lady. This time, her name is Lady Cecily Alistair.

And here we conclude with the quote of Enola Holmes:“I am a detective, I am a decipherer and I am a finder of lost souls.”.

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